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The restoration process itself is pretty hard and time-consuming. On top of that, it shouldn’t be handled by amateurs or by yourself. During our existence as a company, we came across a number of different properties, which owners started the restoration process by themselves or with the help of their friends and family. In almost all cases we had more things to repair and restore than we would have if they contacted us immediately. But that is not even the biggest concern, property can be fixed, but these people endangered their lives by attempting to do these tasks by themselves.

Water and fire damaged properties have a lot of potential life-threatening hazards, from structural weak walls and floors that might collapse any moment to contaminated items that are full of bacteria, which can seriously affect your health. That is why it is very important to leave these types of jobs to professional restoration companies like ourselves. Trec 24 Hour Flood Clean Up has all necessary equipment and workforce to handle any type of restoration job. We will carefully secure your property so no further damage is done to it and begin our restoration process.

Restoring a damaged home is a perfect opportunity to improve some aspects of it, so you can have a much better quality of living in the future. A lot of companies don’t think about this part of the restoration process, but with Trec 24 Hour Flood Clean Up you will end up with improved house and we won’t bill you more. To better understand what we will improve in your home, here are some basic points that we follow.

• Safe: Your home needs to be safer than before. If that means reinforcing the walls, then that is what we will do. We have special materials that are waterproof and in the case of future floods the damage will be much lower. These materials can’t protect your home fully, but they will at least save the structural integrity of walls and floors.

• Dry: In case your home is flooded, it is essential to get everything dry. That includes removing all wet furniture, so you can inspect floors and walls. If there is even a smallest wet spot, it needs to be dried out because it will grow and spread to other areas if left in this condition. Trec 24 Hour Flood Clean Up has all necessary equipment to handle this type of work. Also, our workers are experienced and know exactly what to do in these situations, so don’t worry about it. Just relax and focus on other important things like your family.

• Clean: If you want to live in a healthy household in the future, then it is crucial to clean everything thoroughly after any type of disaster. That means removing silt, debris, and grime from all affected areas. We have special chemicals and cleaning methods that won’t leave anything uncleaned. If you want to avoid developing mold and pest problems in the future hire Trec 24 Hour Flood Clean Up to handle your cleaning after floods or fires.

• Pest-free: Pests are a huge problem in properties affected by any type of disaster. A lot of people think that they can get rid of them after the restoration process is finished, but it is much easier and effective to remove them before. We have our methods that are proven to be effective, so you won’t have to bother with hiring an exterminator. We will make sure every hole is filled and closed so no future pest problems occur.

• Contaminant-free: Contamination of items and property happens often with water damaged homes and offices. Water is easily contaminated, even if it came from a clean source. That is why you should hire a professional restoration company to make sure your whole house is free of contaminants and other pollutants. Bacteria and mold are hard to get rid of and require specialized equipment. Luckily, Trec 24 Hour Flood Clean Up has all necessary stuff for these jobs.

• Properly ventilated: The restoration process is a perfect time to improve your ventilation in the house or office. This will help you improve air quality in your home and prevent future mold from forming and spreading through your walls and floors.

• Easy to maintain: Trec 24 Hour Flood Clean Up won’t just restore your home, we will make it more durable and easy to maintain. All previously hard to access valves will now be at your fingertips, just in case you need to shut down the water supply in case of another emergency. As previously said your walls and floors will be reinforced with special material to help minimize damage if something like this happens again.

• Comfortable: Lastly, we will make your home more comfortable than before. Your home will receive better isolation so it is warmer in the winter and colder in the summer. If you want we can increase your home`s energy-efficiency so your heating bills cost you less money. If you need more information, call us at our phone number, we will gladly answer any question you might have for us.