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Bad smells, a lot of smoke and soot residue are left after every fire. Just when you think that the biggest problem has passed, you will realize how much restoration work awaits you. This is no one-man job and we certainly don’t recommend any amateurs to try to tackle it. Trec 24 Hour Flood Clean Up has years of experience in this area and we are fully capable of handling such jobs. We have trained technicians that know exactly what to do and where to start.

Before we can continue to restoration process itself, we will need to remove any residue that is left behind the fire. Clean and safe working area is required for restoration process and first things in our way are smoke and soot.

Smoke and soot
Even though the fire is extinguished, smoke and soot residue are left behind it. These byproducts of fire can cause same if not bigger amounts of damage to your property if not removed immediately. Smoke is toxic and bad for your lungs. It can cause some serious and long-lasting respiratory problems. On top of that, it leaves an unpleasant odor that is really hard to get rid of.

Luckily, Trec 24 Hour Flood Clean Up has all necessary equipment and workforce to handle these types of jobs. We will apply chemicals and odor removers in affected areas, so any trace of nasty smell is removed and not just masked. Of course, these methods are perfectly safe for the environment and surroundings.

Soot is another byproduct of fire and it is able to cause huge amounts of damage to any type of surface if you don’t remove it properly and immediately. Our technicians pack special tools and machines that help us to thoroughly remove soot residue from any crack in your home. Don’t hesitate to call us if you need such services. We have an emergency team that will come to your help immediately. If you need more information, check our detailed page on fire damage restoration or you can call us directly. Our customer support team will gladly answer and explain everything.