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Sewage water is extremely hazardous for your health and surroundings. In case your property has suffered any water damage from sewage spilling out, evacuate from the area and immediately call a restoration company. In these situations, sewage water has most likely contaminated your property and in order for it to be sanitized, you will need to use protective gear and special tools and equipment. Luckily, Trec 24 Hour Flood Clean Up has everything that is needed for jobs like these.

We have been in the restoration business for a number of years and we have seen many nasty disasters caused by sewage water. Infection and disease spread quickly and if you want to save your property you will need to act quickly.

We are available 24/7
Because sewage backup and cleanup services require you to act quickly, we offer our services 24 hours a day and every day in a week. If you call us immediately there is still a chance of restoring most of your items, but if you wait even for a few hours the damage might be irreparable.

Sewage water is always contaminated, it only depends on what category of contamination it is. There are three categories and health hazard increases by each.

Clean water – Category one water is so-called “Clean water”. It usually comes from broken pipes or any other clean water source. If left untreated it can turn into category 2 and 3 pretty quickly.

Gray water – Gray water is already contaminated and comes from contaminated sources. Most often the causes are overflowing toilets with no feces, overflowing dishwashers, etc. This water can cause illness and poisoning and shouldn’t be handled without proper protective gear and training.

Black water – The third category is the worst. It contains a lot of bacteria and viruses that can even cause death if ingested. Water with feces and water from overflowing rivers is the most often source of this level of contamination. You should avoid it at all costs and call experts to clean and sanitize your property.