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Accidents can happen in both commercial and residential buildings. Even though both are devastating for owners, when business is affected a lot more people suffer the consequences. That is why it is very important to act quickly and restore your business to working order. Trec 24 Hour Flood Clean Up has the right equipment and workforce for these types of jobs.

We have worked on every type of commercial property from huge storage hangars to sensitive laboratories and data centers. There is no job too big for us, so don’t worry about that. We will work around the clock to get your business up and running, so you and your employees can continue to provide for your families.

Step by step procedure
Our technicians will craft a detailed plan of the restoration process for your commercial property, so you can stay informed throughout the whole project. During all these years, we have learned some methods and techniques that let us complete restoration jobs much faster and more efficiently.

Step 1: Damage assessment
First of all, our technicians will evaluate the scope of damage your commercial property has suffered. It will help us determine what type of damage we are dealing with and how much it will all cost. We always consult with our clients when planning our course of action. Your input is very important, so please let us know what the most important parts of your business are and we will restore them first. This way you can at least continue with your work while we finish the rest of the restoration.

Step 2: Cleanup and restoration
Extracting water from your offices or taking out burnt furniture is our next step. We will send items to restoration if that is an option, but if they are completely destroyed in the disaster we will have to remove them. We have detailed pages for this step on our website so check them out for more information.

Step 3: Data recovery and document restoration
Every business has valuable files and documents. With our special methods and equipment, we will do our best to recover and restore any damaged data from your paper files, computers, servers, etc. Some of them might be beyond recovery so be prepared for that, but this doesn’t mean that we won’t try our best.

Step 4: Odor removal
The last step is to remove any unpleasant odor from your offices. This is usually caused by smoke in case of fires and contaminated water in case of floods. These are not ordinary smells that you can mask with air fresheners, so hiring a professional company is essential. Trec 24 Hour Flood Clean Up uses chemicals that are perfectly safe for the environment, but strong enough to remove even the most pungent smells.